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good news

YoungHorse aStaffOwner posted Jul 1, 16

you can now get on the server using 1.9.4 or 1.10 keep in mind it is still 1.8

A little update for 1.9

YoungHorse aStaffOwner posted Jul 1, 16

alright so far testing is at 90%

i have found a new plugin that will allow anyone using 1.10 to the recent version which is 1.10.2 to play on the server even though it is 1.9.4

so by the time 4th of july is over the server should be updated

and once updated i'll have a sale on donor for 2 reasons.

1. happy 4th of july sale 

2. server being 1.9.4 being a big success

hope to see you all there!

1.9 testing

YoungHorse aStaffOwner posted Jun 11, 16

It is going well so far so good, if you would like to help test it send me a message.

on another note when we release 1.9 some plugins will be going away

playerheads is one of them

I'll keep you posted


YoungHorse aStaffOwner posted Mar 9, 16

Yes I know 1.9 is out but i will not upgrade to it till most of the major plugins i use upgrades to it until then i will stay with the 1.8.8


YoungHorse aStaffOwner posted Dec 24, 15

as you can tell we have a new music player please feel free to request a song to be added to the player, will not allow anything from justin beiber, one direction, miley cirus, and pretty much all music from shows for lil kids, sorry i refuse to hear anything from them anything else is fine,  disney songs are fine just dont request let it go(any version), i heard that song enough for a life time from my moms daycare